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Today‘s spider compounds are restricted within certain limits with extreme applications. For the new heart of our ROTEX® we have defined new standards: T-PUR®.

For the new material we have improved our standards mainly with regard to fatigue strength and temperature resistance compared to standard elastomers, keeping all other positive technical characteristics such as damping and resistance to wear unchanged. Thus, the new material can be used with temperatures from -50 °C to +150 °C. Subject to the higher service life the maintenance intervals and as a result the costs can be reduced.The new material T-PUR is used for all single-parted spiders of ROTEX jaw couplings from size 14 to size 180.

The new heart of ROTEX Properties of KTR Spiders (526 kb.) Back to KTR Products ®

Dimensioning of coupling / service life expectancy

- The transmittable torques of T-PUR® (orange, purple, pale green) go up along with an increasing temperature, compared to the standard PUR (red, yellow, green) having a smaller temperature factor.

- For applications with higher ambient temperatures it might be possible to use a smaller coupling size.

- Couplings with a high dynamic load request for a high damping power of the coupling. This damping power is converted into heat so that a ROTEX® with T-PUR® spider is rated for a higher endurance strength/has a longer service life.

- Couplings which are operated with a high shaft misalignment have a reduced service life expectancy. Since high misalignment transmits heat, produced by flexing work, into the elastomer. That is why the expected service life can be improved by T-PUR® spiders. Shore hardness and prestress of the spider (see comments in the mounting instructions KTR-N 45510).

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